Netflix: Is Outer Banks really filmed in Outer Banks, North Carolina?

Outer Banks is a thrill ride. From start to finish, season 1 of the hit teen crime drama had audiences captivated as tensions grew and the stakes rose.

Season 2 of the Netflix original series is set to land on the streamer Friday, July 30 bringing with it an even more exhilarating tale of gold and greed.

But that’s not all the show is known for. It’s captivating beach side setting has provided endless picturesque views for fans of the series. The backdrop these characters navigate showcases the wealth of one side of the island in comparison to the more humble dwellings of the residents in the Cut.

Not to mention the natural beauty that surrounds this coastal town. From its thick trees and swampy areas to the vastness of the waters they travel, the Outer Banks community in the show is gorgeous. However, it’s not the real OBX.

Where is Outer Banks filmed?

Outer Banks is actually filmed in South Carolina. Charleston, to be exact.

When the series went into development, the intention was to film in Wilmington, North Carolina just like two great teen dramas before it Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

Netflix changed filming locations because of the North Carolina government’s support of the infamous Bathroom Bill. The anti-trans legislation drove the streamer to choose a different location, and Outer Banks co-creator and writer Jonas Pate agreed.

According to Refinery 29, Pate told the Wilmington Star-News:

When we wrote it, it was 100 percent Wilmington in our heads. We wanted to film it here. But Netflix made the right decision to insist on inclusivity and we completely agree with them.

Of course, this meant getting creative and turning pieces of Charleston into their vision of what Tanny Hill, a fictional coastal town a part of the Outer Banks’ barrier islands, should look like.

Season 2 of Outer Banks features another location switcheroo. Nassau, Bahamas is the international locale spotlighted in the second season’s quest for the gold.

However, filming actually took place in Barbados which is north east of South America and nowhere near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Still, this location, too, will add more breathtaking visuals to a show that’s as beautiful as it is exciting.

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