Netflix: Is Outer Banks season 3 happening?

Once the credits rolled on the final new installment of the Netflix original series, fans were already searching for answers as to whether or not Outer Banks season 3 is happening.

After being patient for what seems like forever, the wait is finally over, and the second season of Outer Banks has made its way to Netflix, with many subscribers extremely eager to binge every new episode right away in one sitting. The final moments of the very popular series proved to be an intense, action-packed ordeal, with some close calls, daring escapes, surprising resurrections, and shocking sacrifices.

Given how it all went down, it’s no wonder Netflix subscribers who love the show are already hoping more episodes will be on the way. The groundwork has definitely been established for the show to keep going, and it’s no surprise the anticipation for Outer Banks season 3 has already risen extremely high.

Netflix isn’t known for rushing out renewals, and the time it takes in between iterations can seem like an eternity. With all this in mind, it’s safe to assume everyone is very anxious for any answers and updates there may be on Outer Banks season 3.

Will there be an Outer Banks season 3?

There is no need to panic, but it should be known that Netflix has not ordered any new episodes of the show yet. Outer Banks season 3 isn’t officially on the manifest for the streaming network at this moment, but it would be an incredibly strange turn of events, some might even call it devastating, if they opted to cancel the show that fans love to obsess over.

But the fact that the Netflix series has yet to get the ax always bodes well for its survival. So while there is no word Outer Banks season 3 is happening, it’s important to remember that no announcement has been made that it isn’t going down, allowing for a much-needed sigh of relief for those concerned about the show’s future.

The official status may be as elusive as hidden treasure, but the people behind the Netflix original definitely have plans for Outer Banks season 3. According to an interview with Variety, the show’s bosses have exciting ideas for expanding character’s storylines and visiting new locales, among many other intriguing plans.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Netflix to renew the next chapter, and it’s anyone’s guess at this point when the news that Outer Banks season 3 is happening will emerge. Fans of the action mystery drama should make sure to follow Netflix Life for more updates on the situation as they come out.

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