Netflix: Is Pig starring Nicolas Cage on Netflix?

Pig starring Nicolas Cage is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and many Netflix subscribers are wondering if it’s an option on the streaming service.

The well-received movie follows a truffle hunter named Rob, played by Cage, living with his beloved forager pig in the Oregonian wilderness. However, when his loyal companion is kidnapped, he must return to Portland and his past in order to do whatever is necessary to get her back.

The critics have widely praised Pig’s direction, themes and Cage’s performance, which has been described as one of his career best, showcasing an amazing return to form for the prolific actor. According to Metacritic, the feature has received universal acclaim, and the general consensus from Rotten Tomatoes is nothing short of impressive.

Cage has had a wild ride of a career with multiple titles many have deemed good, bad, and solidified fan favorites. It seems Pig is one of his best, making it a must-see endeavor, and Netflix subscribers are right to inquire as to its availability on the streaming service.

Is Pig available on Netflix?

The mystery has been solved for those people out there wondering if they are able to watch Pig on the streamings service. Unfortunately, the well-crafted motion picture starring Nicolas Cage is not an option on Netflix.

The news of Pig’s absence from the Netflix lineup is troubling but not enough to abandon ship. The streaming powerhouse has plenty of other enthralling options to choose reform, including Triple 9, The Devil All the Time, Savages and more available now!

Where you can watch Pig

Pig is only available to experience in theaters. Hopefully, when it comes time to make its debut on a subscription streaming service, the movie finds a home on Netflix for subscribers to enjoy.

You can check out the trailer below:

YouTube video

Will you be watching Pig?

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