Netflix: Is Settlers on Netflix?

The sci-fi motion Settlers looks to be a thought-provoking endeavor with an enthralling premise that has cough the attention of many subscribers who want to know if it is available on Netflix.

Settlers is an intriguing science fiction movie distributed by IFC Midnight that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie’s story follows the earliest settlers living on a Martian frontier valiantly attempting to survive the comic elements and the other people that threaten their safety.

Star Trek Beyond and Kingsman: The Secret Service actress Sofia Boutella leads an exceptional cast in Settlers consisting of Elementary’s Johnny Lee Miller, Home Before Dark’s Brooklynn Prince, The Undoing actor Ismael Cruz Cordova, Servant’s Neil Tiger Free, and renowned stuntwoman and actress Natalie Walsh. The feature was written and directed by Wyatt Rockefeller.

When it comes to sci-fi dramas that also serve as a gripping thrill ride, they are more often than not a worthwhile experience, and Settlers seems to fit that bill. So it’s no wonder there are subscribers wanting to know whether it is one of the options on the streaming service.

Is Settlers on Netflix?

There are many people that would like to enjoy Settlers on the streamings service, and they should probably brace for the news they are about to receive. Unfortunately, the science-fiction feature is not available to enjoy on Netflix.

There are many more sci-fi drama thrillers on Netflix, so subscribers don’t need to eject from their subscription just yet. Titles like The Midnight Sky, Oxygen, and Space Sweepers are just some of the many movies the streaming service has to offer.

Where to watch Settlers

The movie Settlers is on the big screen now, but that’s not the only way people can experience the enticing science fiction narrative. In addition to the theater, the feature is also available on most VOD services like Amazon Video, Vudu, and Google Play.

You can check out the trailer below:

YouTube video

Will you be watching Settlers?

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