Netflix: Is Sex Education season 3 coming to Netflix in October 2021?

There are some big Sex Education season 3 release date rumors making some waves online right now.

It appears a fan poster, and a very convincing one, with an October release date is blowing up on social media, and fans of Sex Education are wondering if season 3 is really coming to Netflix in October 2021.

Well, as of June 2021, Netflix has not announced the Sex Education season 3 release date yet. We’re still waiting on that, but we do have a good idea when the new season is coming to Netflix.

Sex Education season 3 release date on Netflix

Sex Education is confirmed to be released in the second half of 2021. We learned that much earlier this year during Netflix’s Q1 earnings report. The new season was listed among a bunch of other big Netflix shows and movies coming later this year.

And, based on when the cast and crew wrapped production on the season, Sex Education season 3 is looking like a Q3 release, which means we’re probably going to see Sex Education season 3 before the listed release date on the fan poster.

Based on the new shows and movies coming in July 2021, which includes Never Have I Ever season 2, Atypical season 4, and Virgin River season 3, the Sex Education season 3 release date probably won’t be in July 2021.

Instead, it’s much more likely that Sex Education season 3 will be released on Netflix in August or September 2021.

If Netflix needs more time with post-production, promotion, or something like that, we could have to wait until October 2021, but I think that’s as late as Netflix would release the new season. We should see it in the next couple of months and sometime this summer.

Stay tuned for more news about the Sex Education season 3 release date! We’ll let you know more information as soon as we find out.

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