Netflix: Is Steven Universe on Netflix?

Steven Universe is an exceptional animated series fans have grown to love over the years, and a good amount of Netflix subscribers are eager to know if this well-crafted show is one of the many stellar options to view on the popular streaming service.

The exciting series follows a team of intergalactic warriors who protect the universe from evil. The team consists of three very well-trained beings and a quirky boy who must constantly overcome the odds in order to prevail in the face of danger.

After five seasons, 160 episodes and a movie, there is no denying Steven Universe is one of the greatest animated endeavors ever to grace the small screen. It is the first Cartoon Network animated series developed solely by a woman, and Rebecca Sugar did an absolutely outstanding job on this show.

The critically acclaimed animated show has won several prestigious accolades and received a high amount of praise from critics, especially those on Rotten Tomatoes, where it holds a perfect score for every iteration. It is really no wonder why so many people are eager to know if the show is one of the options available on Netflix’s extensive menu of exceptional content.

Is Steven Universe available on Netflix?

The news regarding whether or not the animated series Steven Universe is one of the many stellar options available within the streaming powerhouse’s stacked library is not ideal, to say the least. The show is not on Netflix, and there are no current plans for that to change anytime soon.

It is important not to cancel subscriptions to Netflix just yet as there are definitely other titles of the cartoon variety that people interest in watching Steven Universe will absolutely enjoy. Some of these examples include She-Ra And The Princesses of Power, The Dragon Prince and Wizards: Tales of Arcadia.

Where you can watch Steven Universe

Steven Universe is available on the Cartoon Network site and app with a few episodes for free and the rest available for those with cable. As far as streaming goes, the animated series is available on HBO Max with Infinity Train, Rick and Morty and Harley Quinn.

In addition, Steven Universe is also available for those with premium subscriptions to Sling TV and Hulu. It is also available on VOD platforms like Amazon Prime, Google Play and Vudu.

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