Netflix: Is The Last Letter from Your Lover sequel happening?

The film The Last Letter from Your Lover officially premiered on Netflix last week, and romance lovers are already begging for a second installment of this film.  We certainly don’t blame them as the film is riveting, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and is, arguably, one of the most beautiful movies the streaming platform has added to its lineup this month. We can’t help but wonder when part two will release, too!

Though the movie seems to have wrapped up all the loose ends and gave us a fitting conclusion, there may be a chance of a spin-off film or even a film showcasing a more in-depth look at Jennifer’s past. Fans definitely have theories as to where this movie’s second part could go, which is why we’re here to tell you whether you can expect a The Last Letter from Your Lover sequel coming your way sometime soon.

Will there be a The Last Letter from Your Lover part 2?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the romance movie will be receiving a sequel after all due to the film essentially being complete.

The film, which was based on the novel of the same name, hit all the points that author Jojo Moyes made in her romance novel and also had a fairly similar ending to the book, meaning any possibilities of Jennifer and B and Ellie and Rory’s story continuing have diminished entirely as it wouldn’t be canon.

Although it would be nice to see the true ending shown in the sequel, it wouldn’t be a strong enough story to warrant a full film. Still, could we receive some sort of short story or extended cut of the movie in the future?

The Last Letter from Your Lover 2 release date

As of right now, there have yet to be any announcements regarding part two’s release date, and it looks like we may not ever receive one especially considering the fact that the story has essentially concluded.

Of course, there is still some time to turn that around being that the film is currently sitting pretty on Netflix’s top 10 trending list, but we’ll have to take the movie’s popularity with a grain of salt until a sequel is confirmed.

Though things are looking grim for the second installment of the Netflix romance film, we know that fans are grateful to have received such a beautiful movie in the first place and would love more fans to join the hype! Be sure to watch every second of The Last Letter from Your Lover currently streaming only on Netflix!

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