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Netflix: Is Tokyo Revengers on Netflix?


A big part of the Spring 2021 anime lineup is a series called Tokyo Revengers that has been doing well since its first season debuted.

The TV show tells a riveting, heartbreaking story that leaves you uber excited to watch the next episode.

We tell you everything you need to know about Tokyo Revengers, as well as where you can watch the anime, right here.

What is Tokyo Revengers about?

Tokyo Revengers tells the story of ex-gang member Takemichi Hanagaki who lives an unsatisfactory life. One morning, he hears on the news that his middle school girlfriend was murdered in a gang war caused by members of his old crew, and the same morning, someone attempted to push him in front of a moving train.

A man, Naoto Tachibana, saves Takemichi’s life, but upon touching hands, Takemichi gets sent back to his middle school days with the opportunity to prevent the events that lead to his ex-girlfriend’s death. But as he changes the past, the future becomes darker than before. Can he save everyone?

You can watch the trailer for the series, here.

Sounds like a super interesting premise, right? Here’s where you can watch this story unfold.

Is Tokyo Revengers on Netflix?

As the anime series is still currently airing new episodes, unfortunately, Tokyo Revengers is not currently on Netflix but could be on its way to the streaming platform in the near future.

Netflix is always adding new anime series to their line-up and with the anime’s rising popularity, it’s possible that it could be acquired by the site.

We’ll keep you posted so that you can know when you’ll be able to stream every episode of the series, but while you wait, here are a few other places where you may be able to watch.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers

It looks like the only site where Tokyo Revengers is currently streaming is Crunchyroll. Upon sign-up, you can watch every episode on the site so you don’t miss a single moment of Takemichi’s journey of undoing the tragic present.

We’re sure that the anime series will be available on various other sites once every episode has aired, but while you wait for this to happen, check out other Netflix anime just as epic as this one such as Neon Genesis EvangelionFullmetal Alchemist, and Children of the Whales.

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