Netflix: Jonathan Daviss net worth: How much is the Outer Banks star worth?

You won’t find Jonathan Daviss in any blockbuster movies just yet, but he’s making his rounds, and he’s likely going to be Hollywood’s next big thing. He’s a young rising star taking on any role that he can get his hands on. Now that’s a hustler if you ask me!

Fans fell in love with his portrayal of Pope in Outer Banks. He plays the quirky yet loyal friend of the group. He’s often the voice of reason when the other Pogues are acting irresponsibly. We all need a friend that calls us out on our wrongdoings. The only problem is that Pope is kind of a pushover when it comes to his friends. Hopefully, in season 2, we see Pope stick up for himself a little more.

I mean, we saw him take the initiative when he kissed Kiara. I wonder how that’s going to play out! I guess we’ll have to wait till Friday when season 2 of Outer Banks drops on Netflix.

Outer Banks is such a popular Netflix original, and the actors portray their roles so well that many fans are wondering, how much money are our favorite stars bringing in? More specifically, what is the young, talented Jonathan Daviss’ net worth?

Jonathan Daviss net worth 2021

Daviss has been a part of small projects before he starred in the hit teen series Outer Banks. He was in a romance film Age of Summer and a TV movie Shattered Memories. These roles earned him some income but not as much as his role as Pope in Outer Banks.

According to Stars Wiki, Daviss makes a net worth estimate of around $400,000. This is a pretty substantial amount in comparison to some of his castmates. Not all of this money comes from his role in Outer Banks, though. He also has a paid partnership with a company. What did I say earlier? He’s a hustler!

He posted a paid partnership advertisement for a skin-care company called Bubble on his Instagram.

Daviss has 1.8 million followers on his Instagram, so I’m pretty sure that new endorsement deals will begin rolling in for our favorite star if they haven’t already.

He’s making his mark in the entertainment industry, and I can already see his net worth rising and rising as he shows us what he can do on the big screen and our TVs at home!

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