Netflix: Jontavious Johnson age, Instagram, height, roles: Everything to know about the Stubbs actor

Outer Banks season 2 is finally in our hands and it’s safe to say that the long wait was well worth it. The second season is even more action-packed than its predecessors and we have to thank the many new ruthless characters for that. From Cleo to Ms. Limbrey, these new individuals know how to stir up some major trouble, but not all of them are as intimidating as these two.

Stubbs, played by Jontavious Johnson, is our gentle giant who is equally as goofy and loving as Pope and JJ. Every time he appears on the screen, we can’t help but smile, which is why we’re here to tell you all about this actor so that you can fall in love with him just as quickly as we did.

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Jontavious Johnson age

Jontavious Johnson was born on March 7, 1995, making this Morehouse College alum 26 years old and a Pisces.

Jontavious Johnson Instagram

His Instagram is decorated with the many milestones this young actor has successfully accomplished, from graduating college to starring in his first musical production. He’s certainly on his way to greatness and he’s making sure that his professional headshots are just as amazing as he is.

He currently has about 3,800 followers on the social media platform, but after Outer Banks fans see this actor on their screens, they will definitely make that number rise. Be sure to give him a follow on his Instagram to learn more about this budding actor.

Jontavious Johnson height

Before starring in our favorite original series, Jontavious was actually a star-athlete, so it’s safe to say that he’s super tall, and while we don’t have any official information on his height, we can guess that he is over 6 feet being that he easily towers over his fellow co-star Chase Stokes.

Jontavious Johnson roles

His IMDb tells us that he starred in various television series and shorts such as Ungubani (Who Are You?)Kevin’s Story, and Modern Love. His most recent project, National Champions, is currently in post-production and we’re looking forward to seeing him play the role of Wyatt in the upcoming release. Until then, we will be sure to enjoy every second of him playing Stubbs in the Netflix original series.

Be sure to catch Jontavious Johnson in the second season of Outer Banks streaming only on Netflix.

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