Netflix: Locke and Key season 2 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

We’re all eager to see the next season of the horror series Locke and Key. There’s still a bit of a wait. Locke and Key season 2 isn’t coming next month.

We’ve checked the list of releases on Netflix in August, just in case we missed something. However, Locke and Key season 2 isn’t on the list we’re sad to say.

If we’re honest, we didn’t expect to see the show on the list. After all, this is one of those shows that already has a release date for Netflix. Really, our eyes should be on Locke and Key season 3 predictions.

Yes, season 3 is happening. It’s currently filming (sadly, I didn’t get any photos when it was in my local area), but we’re looking at 2022 for that season.

Locke and Key season 2 release date

Netflix has already confirmed when the second season of the horror series will arrive. Well, we have a release monthLocke and Key season 2 will arrive in October 2021.

An October release date isn’t that surprising. This is a supernatural horror based on the novel by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. October releases are just perfect for this sort of show. We’re predicting it’s going to be closer to the end of the month to time with Halloween.

As usual, it’s a binge-watch release. All 10 episodes are going to arrive at the same time.

It’s certainly been a wait for the series. This was due to the pandemic with filming around Toronto completely shut down for some time. Filming is taking a little longer than normal with all the protocols in place. It’s much stricter in Canada than it is in the U.S., which affects the number of people on set considerably.

Then we’ll just have to wait for Locke and Key season 3. This could arrive in October 2022 to time again with the scariest time of the year.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about Locke and Key season 2 on Netflix.

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