Netflix: Locke and Key season 2 release date updates: Will a new season happen? When is it coming out?

Locke and Key season 2 is coming to Netflix very soon. We finally have some updates on the Locke and Key season 2 release date, and we’ve shared those release date updates below.

Locke and Key came our way just before the pandemic hit in 2020. It was renewed for season 2 very quickly. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for Locke and Key season 2, and the pandemic has a lot to do with that.

There are certainly a lot of questions after the way the first season ended. Due to one of the keys, we’re not even sure who we’ll be able to trust when it comes to friends of the Locke siblings. But when will we get some of the answers?

How many seasons of Locke and Key are there?

One season of the series has aired on Netflix, but we have some good news!

So far, there are three seasons of Locke and Key confirmed. Yes, even without the second season premiering, Netflix has confirmed Locke and Key season 3 is going to happen. This just shows the support the show already has and the hope Netflix has for its future.

Will there be a Locke and Key season 2?

With all that said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Locke and Key season 2 is happening. The season was confirmed shortly after the first season debuted.

How many episodes are in Locke and Key season 2?

There will be 10 episodes in the second season. The third season will also have 10 episodes. Both match the episode count for the first season.

This has become about average for Netflix shows, with some shows just falling short at eight episodes. Eight to 10 episodes tend to be just right for Netflix-style storytelling, and certainly make binge-watching possible.

When is Locke and Key season 2 filming?

Filming is already complete on the second season. It wrapped in April 2021, meaning post-production work is going to take place. It can take a while for post-production on a show like this. After all, there are a lot of visual effects to get in place.

Locke and Key season 2 release date

We don’t have the exact release date for Locke and Key season 2, but we do know what month the new season will be released!

During Geeked Week, Netflix announced Locke and Key season 2 will be released on Netflix in October 2021. That’s not very far away!

We have a feeling that Locke and Key season 2 is coming in early October. It’s the perfect show for Halloween, though, so it’s possible that we could see the season toward the end of the month. Still, our money is on an early October release date.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about the new season of the Netflix original series.

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