Netflix: Lucifer season 6 spoilers: Will Ella learn the truth about Lucifer?

There are a number of questions on the minds of Lucifer fans as we look ahead to Lucifer season 6, the final season in what has been one of the biggest shows on Netflix.

Following the season 5 finale, the biggest question on the minds of fans is, of course, what exactly is next for Lucifer. Has he truly become God? If so, what does this mean for his relationship with Chloe and those closest to him in life? Will Chloe and Lucifer finally take their relationship to the next step and what could his new role mean for their future?

Then there are the questions of what exactly the final season will have in store for the show’s many other incredible characters including one Ella Lopez.

While fans are eager to know what the final season will hold for Ella — particularly whether she’ll hit it off with Carol Corbett — one of the biggest lingering questions on the minds of fans is whether Ella might finally learn the truth about Lucifer before the show signs off for good.

Heading into the final season, Ella happens to be the only member of the core cast who is not in the know when it comes to Lucifer’s secret. However, with only ten episodes left, speculation continues to grow over whether Lucifer season 6 will finally see Ella learn the truth about Lucifer, Amenadiel and everything else.

So will Ella finally be enlightened in season 6 in learning the truth?

** Warning potential Lucifer season 6 spoilers ahead **

Will Ella learn the truth about Lucifer in Lucifer season 6?

While Ella has been the one character left in the dark regarding the truth about Lucifer over the years, it’s looking as though that’s about to change when Lucifer season 6 arrives this September.

When asked about whether Ella will learn the truth about Lucifer in season 6 during Lucifer‘s [email protected] panel, star Tom Ellis seemed to hint that Ella will finally learn the truth about Lucifer in the final season.

“I don’t know. She’s the only one who hasn’t worked that out yet and it’s the final season, so you work it out,” Ellis teased.

Although he never directly gave an answer on whether Ella will learn the truth, his not-so-subtle quote seems to suggest Ella will indeed be finding out about the truth before the series comes to a close.

As for what the writers have in store for Ella, co-showrunner Joe Henderson seemed to suggest they have quite a powerful storyline in store for Ella in exploring the story of her faith.

“She’s our character of faith and one of the reasons that we’ve kept her from knowing is because there is that question of does she need to know because she knows deep down in her heart and that sounds like a cool story to explore.”

Check out the full Lucifer [email protected] panel below for more on the upcoming final season:

YouTube video

Lucifer season 6 arrives Sept. 10, 2021, on Netflix!

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