Netflix: Lupin season 3 release date updates: Will there be a new season? When is it coming out?

Lupin is one of the most popular Netflix shows right now! Lupin Part 2 was released on Friday, June 11, and less than a week after the premiere, fans want to know when Lupin season 3 is coming to Netflix.

As we’ve mentioned before, fans are actually looking for information on Part 3, rather than season 3, but since you all are calling it Lupin season 3, that’s what we will call it, too!

We shared everything we know about Lupin season 3 below!

How many seasons of Lupin are there?

Technically, there is only one season of Lupin so far, but Netflix split the first season into two parts, which everyone is calling “seasons.” Part 1 premiered on Netflix in early 2021, while Part 2 was added to Netflix in June.

Will there be a season 3 of Lupin?

Lupin season 3 (or Lupin Part 3) is happening! Omar Sy confirmed that it was happening when the Lupin Part 2 release date was announced.

So, yes, more episodes of the Netflix original series are on the way! Hopefully, we get to see Lupin season 3 soon.

Lupin season 3 episode count

Each batch of episodes of Lupin so far has consisted of five episodes each, bringing the full season total to 10.

It’s unclear if that will be the cast for the next batch of episodes, but it will probably happen. We’ll likely get five new episodes, followed by five more at a later date to complete the season.

When is Lupin season 3 filming?

It’s unclear if Lupin season 3 has started filming yet. We probably would have found out if production had started on the new season.

We’re expecting Lupin season 3 to start filming this summer or fall, but that’s only speculation at this time.

Netflix has not confirmed the renewal, so obviously, the streaming network has not confirmed the start of production on the new episodes yet. We should find out more information over the next month or so.

Lupin season 3 release date

Again, because Netflix hasn’t confirmed season 3 yet, they obviously haven’t confirmed a release date for Lupin season 3. While that hasn’t happened, we do have a decent idea when to expect Lupin season 3 on Netflix.

Lupin season 3 should be released on Netflix sometime in early 2022, possibly in the spring. The first season premiered in early 2021, and then we saw the next in June 2021.

Moving forward, we’re expecting most Netflix shows to get back to the normal one-year gap between seasons that was messed up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since Lupin’s seasons are so short, we shouldn’t have to wait the full year. We’ll likely season new episodes in early 2022 and then the next new episodes in the summer or fall of 2022.

Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait too long until we get to see what happens in the next season of this great Netflix show!

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