Netflix: Madelyn Cline net worth: How much is the Outer Banks star worth?

Since Outer Banks premiered on Netflix in April 2020, its young cast of rising talent has shot to superstardom both on our watch lists and the timelines of our social media accounts. We can’t get enough of the show’s incredible stars, like the future A-lister Madelyn Cline.

Cline stars in Outer Banks as “Kook princess” Sarah Cameron, who starts dating Pogue leader John B (Chase Stokes) and quickly becomes an honorary member of the Pogues herself. Life imitates art as Madelyn Cline and her on-screen heartthrob boyfriend are dating in real life.

Although the Outer Banks season 1 finale ended on a cliffhanger, Madelyn Cline has been confirmed to return as Sarah Cameron in season 2, which premieres on Netflix on July 30. On top of her high-profile role on the hit Netflix original, Cline has plenty of projects adding to her net worth.

Sure, it’s not the most important part of what makes up a celebrity, or a person in general, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still curious about how much money our favorite stars make. So, what is Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline’s estimated net worth?

Madelyn Cline net worth 2021

As of 2021, Madelyn Cline’s estimated net worth is among the highest of her OBX cast members at somewhere around $800K. The bulk of Cline’s earnings surely come from her work on Netflix in the hit teen drama series, but she’s also appeared in a number of other movies and shows.

You may have seen Cline in multi-episode arcs of shows like Vice Principals, The Originals and Stranger Things, though as a newbie during that time, she wasn’t pulling the same paycheck as she does as a series regular on Outer Banks.

Cline had a small role in the Golden Globe-nominated 2018 film Boy Erased and will also next be seen in the movies This Is the Night, What Breaks the Ice and the upcoming Netflix original blockbuster Knives Out 2. Beyond movies and TV, she and Stokes starred in the Kygo and Donna Summer music video for “Hot Stuff” in 2020.

As with most stars looking to turn their millions of social media followers into endorsement deals and passion projects, Madelyn Cline has collaborated with the activewear brand Set Active for a special collection, as well as the sustainable swimwear brand Aro Swim for another exclusive line.

Without a doubt, Madelyn Cline’s a smart, talented and business-minded rising star wisely choosing acting projects and otherwise that reflect who she is and what she stands for. She’s one to watch and one we’ll definitely be watching in Outer Banks season 2 this summer.

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