Netflix: Manifest season 4 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

The biggest question on the minds of all Manifesters, besides all of those cliffhangers left behind in season 3, is whether the fan-favorite series has been saved for Manifest season 4. Well, there’s currently no good news to share on that front. We’ll have to keep waiting.

Since Manifest was canceled by NBC in June, the series found post-cancellation success on Netflix when the first two seasons began streaming. Unfortunately, Netflix opted to pass on saving the series, like it had once swooped in to save broadcast castoffs Designated Survivor and Lucifer.

Even in the face of Netflix’s pass, Manifest remained the top show on the streamer, bringing in some of the most impressive streaming numbers of the past year. It’s the little show that could and one to watch — in more ways than just one.

The cast, creator and fans haven’t given up faith on Manifest season 4 coming to fruition, but it’s not happening in August. Netflix announced its complete list of new release movies and shows coming in August 2021 and Manifest wasn’t included.

Is Manifest season 4 happening?

Despite an uncertain future, Manifest continues to soar to incredible new heights on Netflix, which forced the streamer as well as its former home network NBC to rethink the decision to axe the cult favorite. Both have reentered talks at walking back on their passes on the show.

As of this writing, no formal decision has been made on the fate of Manifest by either party, but it’s definitely looking better than it had one month ago. While Manifest season 4 isn’t happening right now, there’s a strong possibility for something positive to come out of these talks.

Manifest season 4 Netflix release date predictions

Of course, with no formal announcement from Netflix or NBC on their future with Manifest, it’s tough to estimate when a new season could hit our screens. However, it’s safe to assume that with time allotted for writing, production and post-production, we wouldn’t be seeing the big comeback much before mid- to late-2022.

Depending on where a potential new season or iteration lands, Manifest’s next arrival on Netflix could vary. What we do know right now, though, is that Manifest season 3 still hasn’t made its way onto the streamer. But imagine how much of an impact a whole other season bolstering the show’s numbers would have on the decision to bring the series back to finish its run.

Stay tuned for more Manifest news and updates from Netflix Life!

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