Netflix: Netflix should save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

After two musical and quirky seasons, NBC has canceled Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. The news of the fan-favorite’s cancellation comes after the season 2 finale’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger and weeks of crossed fingers from its devoted fandom.

As reported by TV Line, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist nearly made the leap to NBCUniversal’s own streaming service Peacock for a shortened third and final season. However, talks fizzled and the low-rated but beloved series wound up on the wrong side of the chopping block.

The series stars Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke, a coder at a San Francisco tech company with the inexplicable ability to discover people’s deepest thoughts and feelings though musical numbers — what she calls “heart songs.” These songs sometimes help, but also hurt, her personal relationships.

Without question, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was one of the most charming and criminally underrated shows on television. With plenty of stories left to tell and hundreds of heart songs left to sing, Zoey’s should definitely be saved by Netflix for another season as an original series.

Will Netflix save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?

The likelihood of Netflix actually saving Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist doesn’t look too terrible. While Peacock ultimately passed on picking up the bubble series for another season, Lionsgate, the show’s production company, has already been shopping the series around to other streamers.

Naturally, Hulu seems like an easy solution for Zoey’s fate, since it’s currently the streaming home of the series. But Netflix would be a much better fit for the series and its adoring fandom. Its fellow NBC bubble series Good Girls has found streaming success on Netflix. Why not Zoey’s?

Over the years, many series have benefited from the Netflix effect, such as Riverdale and All American. Even though that boost in visibility and awareness doesn’t always translate to higher ratings on the small screen (see: Good Girls), it’s a benefit nonetheless.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist didn’t have the benefit of the Netflix effect, but it could really use it now. The streaming giant has become something of a savior for cherished series with a bit of bad luck, like the now fully thriving Lucifer

Beyond the fact that Netflix could work wonders for the musical dramedy and that it would fit in perfectly with its crop of original series, Zoey’s fans deserve to have closure with one final chapter, if not more than one additional season. We need to know what’s going on with Zoey and Max!

Do you want Netflix to save the series? If you’re hoping to see Zoey’s return on a streaming service, make sure to share your thoughts on social media and join the legion of fans that will surely be singing their own heart songs to save their favorite show!

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