Netflix: OBX season 2 sneak peek: How do the Pogues find out [spoiler] is alive?

Outer Banks season 2 drops on Netflix next week on Friday, July 30. The highly anticipated release has brought with it the kind of tension that only a thrilling crime drama can bring. Remember, the first season was the king of the cliffhanger endings, and there’s no reason to believe OBX season 2 won’t have the same energy.

It was a hard year for the Pogues. John B. became a fatherless child over night putting him in more than one clash with Child Protective Services over his living situation. Kie, Pope, and JJ all tried to be there for him but what do you say to your friend whose father went missing at sea?

In lieu of answers, the universe provided John B. with more questions as it became clear his dad’s hunt for the Royal Merchant treasure might have actually born fruit. His own search for the gold pulled him, his friends, and the Kook princess Sarah Cameron into a deadly quest for a treasure that’s been lost for centuries.

As things spiraled out of control, the stakes rose to astronomical heights, separating the Pogues and leaving the Outer Banks to believe John B. and Sarah had died in their attempt to escape authorities. OBX season 2 will drop viewers right back into the action for yet another twisting ride with these characters.

If you’re looking for a taste of what the new season has to offer, we have a happy little morsel for you thanks to Netflix.

OBX season 2 sneak peek reveals how the Pogue’s learn John B.’s alive

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 2

The kids are back in school in the Outer Banks season 2 sneak peek, but there’s a noticeable absence among the Pogue trio that was once a quartet. Pope, JJ, and Kie have been making do with out John B., but the loss of their best friend has begun to take its toll.

Thankfully, they don’t have to wait too long into the school year to receive some good news about John B. and Sarah. The last they heard, the couple had been lost at sea just like Big John. But, it’s hard to keep a Pogue down and John B. is a fighter. So is Sarah. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, y’all.

Watch the sneak peek below:

YouTube video

If you need a refresher on Outer Banks season 1’s wild finale click through to the next page. We’ve got you covered. OBX is almost back, Netflix Lifers! We can’t wait to return to this treasure-filled coastal town.

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