Netflix: Outer Banks season 2 age rating: Is it appropriate for kids?

Outer Banks season 2 is almost here! It’s been over a year since we were last with the Pogues. Things weren’t looking too hot for the crew of misfit treasure hunters at the end of season 1.

But, with another chapter of their story set to unfold on Netflix, they’ll be back in the G game soon. Of course, that means more dangerous adventures are in store for these teens. When 400 million dollars is on the line, the people looking to get themselves a piece aren’t going to be asking nicely.

Knee deep in trouble–John B., Kiara, JJ, Pope, and Sarah–will need to have their wits about them if they’re going to survive. Not everyone on the trail of the Royal Merchant treasure made it out alive last season, and that’s likely to be the case again.

Here’s what to expect from season 2 including the age rating for the next leg of the Pogues’ adventure.

Outer Banks season 2 age rating

Like last season, Outer Banks season 2 is rated TV-MA. Yes, that means the series is out of the rating range deemed appropriate for teens, however, Outer Banks’ rating is largely due to intense situations and strong language.

The show is a crime drama which means violence is par for the course. From gunshot wounds to fights involving knives and fishing equipment, high stakes encounters are a dime a dozen. Murder, conspiracy, drug and alcohol use, as well as child abuse are present. This season there’s also a nasty tangle with an animal that leaves one of the characters wounded.

While sexual innuendos and brief sexual exploration is a part of the season, it’s no more explicit than last season. A fade to black scene that’s revealed to be a sexual encounter is as much as the show delves into physical sexuality beyond kissing.

The main focus of Outer Banks season 2 is the Pogues being reunited, a fight for the gold, and a new treasure that the teens will be hot on the trail of as things become dire once again.

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