Netflix: Outlander season 6 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

After months and months of uncertainty, Outlander season 6 has a release date window, although fans aren’t going to be too happy about it.

Outlander is arguably one of the most popular TV series that Netflix viewers love to watch when the well-crafted period drama makes its way to the streaming platform. As of right now, the first three brilliant seasons of Outlander are available for subscribers to enjoy, with every episode available on Starz to revisit again and again, leaving many to wonder when, if at all, will Outlander season 6 will release.

The fifth season’s emotional and impactful finale left fans clinging to hope that it wouldn’t feel like an eternity waiting for Outlander season 6.

It’s exciting for many fans to hear that Outlander season 6 is well underway. Still, the question on all of their minds is not only when will Netflix subscribers get to enjoy the new installment, but when will the official release date for its premiere be announced? Until an answer arises, every season is available on Starz, and the first four iterations are ready to enjoy on Netflix.

Outlander season 6 release date

There is no official release date for Outlander season 6, but we do know that Outlander season 6 is coming in early 2022. Entertainment Weekly reported the news that production is scheduled to wrap in June 2021, and the new season is confirmed for a release date in early 2022.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly when that will be, which makes it hard to know when season 6 will be released on Netflix, which is where so many fans watch the new seasons.

It looks like, at the earliest, you’ll be able to watch Outlander season 6 on Netflix in the spring of 2024. New seasons of Outlander are always added to Netflix two years after the season finale airs, so that’s why we’ll have to wait so long to see the new season.

Outlander season 5 should be added to Netflix much earlier than season 6.

Outlander season 6 cast

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, César Domboy, Lauren Lyle, and John Bell will be back for Outlander Season 6. Duncan Lacroix’s Murtagh Fitzgibbons died in battle, so except for flashbacks, there’s no way he’s coming back.

According to the EW report, Mark Lewis-Jones, Alexander Vlahos, and Jessica Reynolds have also joined the cast for season 6.

Outlander season 6 synopsis

There is no official synopsis for Outlander season 6, but fans and Netflix subscribers have a pretty good idea of where things could go narrative-wise, especially if they’ve read the popular literature the Starz series is based on.

The dramatic conclusion of Outlander season 5 left Claire and the rest of the Fraser clan with a lot of emotional fallout to deal with when the show returns. The Revolutionary War is just on the horizon and with Claire not at 100%, fans can rest assured there is plenty of stirring drama to unfold.

Balfe spoke with Elle about how upcoming episodes of Outlander season 6 will explore the aftermath of Claire’s assault that occurred at the end of season 5.

“For Claire, this is going to be an ongoing journey of recovery. She will probably try to plow on and get back to normality, but I don’t think she’s fully aware of just how difficult, subconsciously and psychologically, that’s going to be for her. Obviously, we have the war coming. There’s a lot happening on the horizon. I read two scripts already, and once we get back to filming, I think it’s going to be a strong season again.”

Outlander Season 5, like every season before it, stayed very true to the source material and followed the events of The Fiery Cross, the fifth book in Diana Gabaldon’s famous series of time-traveling romance drama books. It’s probably safe to ascertain that Outlander season 6 will continue to do so as well, because why fix something if it isn’t broken.

Outlander season 6 trailer

There is no trailer for Outlander season 6 yet, but we should see one soon. With production winding down in June 2021, we could see a teaser or full trailer for Outlander season 6 at any time.

Most likely, we’ll get our first look clip or teaser from the new season by fall 2021 at the latest.

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