Netflix Reveals Surprising Connection Between Two Hit Series

Netflix has just spilled the beans on the connection between two super popular series. Even though Peaky Blinders and the recently dropped thriller Fool Me Once are set in totally different times, Netflix has set things straight about how they’re linked.

Sharp-eyed viewers had noticed a pretty similar background in both shows. Now, it looks like the puzzle has been solved. Netflix shared the scoop on Instagram, finally telling everyone that the common link between these two big series is Cheshire’s Arley Hall. So, there you have it – the secret’s out!

Guess what? That fancy house you’ve seen in Peaky Blinders, where the cool Shelby brothers live? Well, surprise! It’s not just their place—it’s also the main spot in Fool Me Once, another popular series on Netflix UK. In Fool Me Once, Michelle Keegan plays Maya, who has this hunch that her supposedly deceased husband (played by Richard Armitage) might not be as dead as everyone thinks. Cool, right? Let’s not forget about Joanna Lumley, the legend from Absolutely Fabulous, who’s also in the mix.

So, Netflix spilled the beans on social media, posting about how they thought they could trick us by using Tommy Shelby’s house in both shows. Sneaky, sneaky! This got fans talking and speculating about where else they’ve seen this location. One person pointed out it was also used as a sports club in a previous series—Stranger, maybe? Another chimed in, saying they knew they’d seen it elsewhere too. Netflix knows how to keep us on our toes with these hidden connections!

Arley Hall, the stunning location known for its historical charm, has become a favorite spot for various popular TV series, including recent scenes from the well-loved British soap, Hollyoaks.

Bridge Roberts, the general manager of Arley Hall, expressed the estate’s excitement at being selected as a primary location for the new Netflix drama, Fool Me Once. The filming process unfolded across multiple picturesque spots, ranging from the formal gardens and the Hall’s interior and exterior to the expansive grounds and roads at Arley. The filming period extended from April to July, creating a bustling and lively atmosphere.

Bridge Roberts happily shared their delight at the opportunity to meet the charming Joanna Lumley, emphasizing her kindness both on and off the screen. Lumley’s genuine interest in Arley’s rich history and the Hall itself added an extra layer of enjoyment to the filming experience.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Bridge expressed the joy of working with a delightful crew, making the filming of Fool Me Once particularly enjoyable. The anticipation is palpable, with everyone eagerly looking forward to seeing the series on screen and spotting the picturesque Arley Hall in its starring role.

For fans of captivating series, both Peaky Blinders and Fool Me Once are now available for streaming on Netflix, offering a delightful blend of historical drama and intriguing narratives.

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