Netflix Sexy Beasts Episode 3 Recap: “Are you a nerd or hot nerd?”

Netflix Sexy Beasts Episode 3 Recap: “Are you a nerd or hot nerd?”

Kariselle at Sexy Beasts Manor, breaking hearts.


In episode 3 of Sexy beasts, it’s pure pandemonium!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Kariselle, a show girl and party motivator (I don’t know know what it is), from New Jersey, is entering the Sexy Beasts dating arena as a panda. Pandas have had enough problems coupling, so we’ll see where it ends up. “I’m clearly doing this all dating thing wrong,” she says. I assume her mother is back in Jersey nodding dejectedly. Kariselle is A lot, as they say – and like her says herself. But good news, folks: Her psychic said all of this was going to happen.

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Her first Suitor is Ethan, a marine biologist from Dallas, in Texas, whose Tin Man disguise he is already rust from exposure to salt water. He can hold his breath for four minutes and knows Dolphin Facts ™.

Then there is Tyler, a model And Los Angeles security guard. He is an alien who rate their personality as 9.9999 out of 10.

Josh, on on the other hand, he is an engineer from Atlanta made up be a bull. He wants a partner who’S also in Marvel and Star Wars and can match his Funko Pop collection. Forget alignment on life values ​​or goals. I’m Funko Pops, man.

As the speed Date round begins, Ethan offers Kariselle a fact about pandas (he also has Panda Facts ™, sir), and asks Josh if he’s a nerd or a hot nerd. then things go off the rails with Ethan as Kariselle describes herself as both crazy and psychopath. “You didn’t see my Google search history again, “she says when he nervously asks her why, eyes fluttering towards the camera for a second, as if to beg for help.

Kariselle oscillates between talking about how she is ready to start a serious relationship (“We will be 30 years before you know yes. “” How old are you? want children? “) to say things like “Ever done a threesome?” And “What if I were? like I want you to fuck me in this (panda mask) ?? “) You are this chaos show promised.

In the end, them head back to the manor and she dispenses with ethane, who is delighted to escape her.

Post Manor, Kariselle and Tyler sink throwing. “Can you put? up with crazy? ”asks the wild-eyed panda in the leather jacket. Surprisingly, he’s not terrified of this. On the reverse side, asks, during their appointment at the zoo, if Josh has health insurance. Maybe dirty talk in capitalism in advanced stage sounds like This: $ 20 in co-payment. Free half-yearly teeth cleaning. $ 100 off frames. Can we call? down the spice, Netflix?

to not first or last time, daters have to navigate between wine glasses while wearing prosthesis on their faces, and I wonder if he would kill producers to get him some straws.

Eventually though, nerd Josh and his insurance card I’m not enough for Karisella. But she literally cries at the sight of his face, which is heard like a bad omen for Tyler. Just think of a Funko Pop that could have been.

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