Netflix: Sexy Beasts is Netflix’s creepiest dating show yet

Sexy Beasts is Netflix’s newest dating reality show. The new Netflix original series feels like a mix of Netflix’s Dating Around, and Love is Blind with a splash of The Masked Singer.

Comedian Rob Delaney dramatically narrates Sexy Beasts. Each episode focuses on a new person or beast searching for an emotional connection between three different suitors.

Each person is wearing a different costume mask, so they can’t base their dating decisions on their faces, but their bodies are still viewable.

The person seeking to find true love starts by speed dating all three people. After the speed dates, they eliminate one person who then reveals what they look like before leaving. Then the contestant goes on longer dates with the remaining individuals. After the solo dates, they pick which person they want to continue dating. After announcing their decision, everyone reveals what they look like under their masks.

Sexy Beasts review

Sexy Beasts seems like a unique concept, but it’s a little boring. As dating show gimmicks go, the idea is creative and creepy. Everyone’s costumes are based on different animals or mythical creatures, like a rooster or pixie. Compared to Netflix’s other dating shows, there’s very little emotional investment while watching Sexy Beasts. There are only six episodes that are 20 minutes each. Based on each date, you only see the bachelor or bachelorette with each person for a few minutes.

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The show’s premise is learning about someone’s personality more than their body, but many contestants comment on how a nice butt is a priority in their decision-making. One lady even asked the bachelor what he would do if she gained 300 pounds, and he didn’t know how to respond. So not only is Sexy Beasts a little cringe-worthy, but it also has a bit of fatphobia.

For a dating show trying to rise above superficial appearances, the lack of body diversity is striking. Everyone on the show is young, skinny, and somewhat traditionally attractive. Casting didn’t make any effort to widen the pool past the typically thin candidates.

If you are interested in dating reality shows, Sexy Beasts is a quick watch to experience the cringe yourself. But if you aren’t into reality dating shows, you can skip this show and understand everything by watching the trailer. The UK version of Sexy Beasts ended after one season, but the U.S. version was renewed for a second season before season 1 aired. So there’s more Sexy Beasts coming whether we like it or not.

Sexy Beasts seasons 1 is streaming on Netflix now!

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