Netflix: Skater Girl is coming to Netflix: June 11, 2021

Sports, whether as a fan or an athlete, is the driving force of many people’s lives. They’re also the inspiration behind many a drama because of the passion that fuels those who give their hearts to the game or skill they’ve fallen in love with. It’s why Skater Girl is a movie that will find fans across the globe who relate to Prerna’s story.

Skater Girl takes place in Rajasthan just as a small village begins to feel the beginnings of a skateboarding movement among its children and teens. Prerna is one of many in the village who has picked up the practice of skateboarding but her fondness for it soon blossoms into a love that challenges her parents’ plans for her life.

When Jessica, a woman visiting Rajasthan to learn more about her late father’s childhood, builds a skate park for the community, Prerna’s world opens up to new paths her life could take. She doesn’t see skateboarding as “something for boys” but as freedom, a release for her heart and her dreams.

It’s a perspective that runs counter to what’s expected of her, but Prerna refuses to step back and away from the sport. She’s found a love that calls to her regardless of whether it meets the approval of those around her.

What time can you watch Skater Girl on Netflix?

Skater Girl will roll onto Netflix on Friday, June 11 at 12:01 a.m. PST, which means it’ll hit the platform at 3:01 a.m. ET on the east coast. If you haven’t added Skater Girl to your watch list yet, we suggest you do. There’s nothing like a feel-good sports drama to set your day or night right.

Watch the trailer for Skater Girl below:

Will you be watching Skater Girl?

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