Netflix: Stranger Things season 4 rumors: Is a clip or trailer coming soon?

If the rumors are to be believed, Netflix might have some news or even a look at Stranger Things season 4 ready for Wednesday, June 9.

The Stranger Things season 4 rumor mill is heating up during Netflix’s Geeked Week. From June 7-11, Netflix is sharing updates, release dates, first looks, trailers, clips and more for a bunch of new shows and movies.

So far, we’ve already learned Shadow and Bone season 2 is happening, Locke and Key season 2 is coming this fall, and so much more.

Will we see the official Stranger Things season 4 or a clip from season 4 during Geeked Week?

When is the Stranger Things season 4 trailer coming out?

It’s unclear if Netflix has any plans to share anything related to Stranger Things season 4 during Geeked Week. We didn’t see the show and season on the press release announcing the event, so we weren’t expecting anything.

Netflix even shared a teaser on what’s coming on Wednesday, June 9, and Stranger Things is not on the list. Check it out below!

On Twitter, though, there are multiple unofficial accounts tweeting that there could be a sneak peek or some news related to Stranger Things season 4 announced on Wednesday, June 9.

It looks like Midgard Times is the source of the latest rumor about Stranger Things season 4.

We can’t confirm that to be true or not, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Netflix has something in the works.

It makes sense for Netflix to give fans a taste of Stranger Things season 4 during Geeked Week. Stranger Things is the biggest Netflix show, so the network might as well give fans a taste of what’s to come in the new season.

I could also see Stranger Things skipping Geeked Week simply because any Stranger Things news, teaser, or trailer becomes an event. The reaction to the latest “Eleven, Are You Listening?” teaser was incredible. Netflix doesn’t need an event like Geeked Week for Stranger Things. The show instantly becomes the talk as soon as anything is even hinted at online.

We’ll just have to wait and see if or what Netflix has planned. Make sure you tune in for Geeked Week! Even if we don’t see any Stranger Things season 4 clips or news, you can still learn other release dates and renewals and see a bunch of interviews, trailers, clips, and other fun videos!

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