Netflix: The Chair release date, synopsis, cast, trailer, and more

Netflix is taking subscribers to college in the fall with the Sandra Oh-led original series The Chair.

On the fictional campus of Pembroke University, things are about to get a shake-up with the newly appointed chair of the English department (played by Oh from Killing Eve and Grey’s Anatomy) bringing change the school hasn’t seen in nearly 200 years.

Not much is known about the show’s specific plot, but given the context of the series, we’re expecting many a shenanigan from the comedy along with topical conversations on academia as we know it in the 21st century.

The series by Amanda Peet and Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss is sure to be one for the books (no pun intended). Here’s what’s been released about The Chair so far.

The Chair release date

Classes start at Pembroke University on Friday, August 20.

The Chair synopsis

The official synopsis via Netflix:

The Chair follows Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) as she navigates her new role as the Chair of the English department at prestigious Pembroke University. Ji-Yoon is faced with a unique set of challenges as the first woman to chair the department, and as one of the few staff members of color at the university. Starring Sandra Oh, Jay Duplass, Holland Taylor, Bob Balaban, Nana Mensah, David Morse, and Everly Carganilla.

A clipping from the fictional Pembroke Daily paper hints at quite a show.

This six-episode satire will focus on Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman and person of color to become Chair of the university’s English department in its 179 year history.

Rumor has it that she was appointed because enrollment at Pembroke has flagged. The hope is that the professor can attract more students to the university and keep it from sinking. However, not everyone is looking for Pembroke to change or thinks the university should.

The Chair cast

Sandra Oh as Professor Ji-Yoon Kim.

Everly Carganilla as Ju-Hee ‘Ju Ju’ Kim, Ji-Yoon’s whip-smart daughter.

Holland Taylor as Professor Joan Hambling, a sharp English professor that’s quick to stop nonsense. Joan is also a friend of Ji-Yoon’s, and the two serve as each other’s confidants in the department.

Nana Mensah as Yasmin ‘Yaz’ McKay, an English professor who’s popular in the department for her progressive stances. She’s close with Ji-Yoon.

Bob Balaban as Professor Elliot Rentz, a distinguished English professor who sees no reason to change when the tried and true have been working in his mind.

Jay Duplass as Professor Dobson, an English professor at the university.

David Morse as Paul Larson, the Dean of Pembroke University.

As reported by Deadline, the following actors will serve as guest stars on the series:

  • Ji Yong Lee as Habi, Ji-Yoon’s father who sometimes takes care of her daughter Ju-Hee.
  • Marcia DeBonis as Laurie, Ji-Yoon’s new assistant.
  • Mallory Low as Lilah, the teaching fellow for an English class taught by Dobson.
  • Ron Crawford as Professor John McHale, an English professor whose retirement is on the horizon.
  • Ella Rubin as Dafna, an undergrad who wants to take Dobson’s class.
  • Bob Stephenson as Horatio, a tech repair man that assists Joan.

The Chair trailer

Watch the trailer for The Chair below:

YouTube video

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