Netflix: The Pentaverate season 1 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

A major comedy star will finally bring his talents to Netflix in a brand-new comedy series. Austin Powers, Shrek and Wayne’s World star Mike Myers will headline the new comedy The Pentaverate seven times over. That’s right, he’s playing seven different characters.

Clearly, Myers is making up for lost time as the comedy legend has largely stayed off-screen in recent years, last appearing in 2018 films Terminal and Bohemian Rhapsody. What’s more, The Pentaverate marks Myers’ first collaboration with Netflix for an original series.

The series was first announced by Netflix back in 2019, but Mike Myers will finally hit our watch lists in The Pentaverate sooner rather than later. Without a doubt, fans of his comedy will fully embrace the wildly hilarious characters he has planned in the new series.

Below, we’re sharing everything we know about The Pentaverate season 1, including the Netflix release date, the latest cast additions, the plot synopsis and more!

The Pentaverate season 1 release date

Currently, Netflix hasn’t announced an official release date for the six-episode first season of The Pentaverate. However, we can count out a release in 2021, unless an end-of-the-year release isn’t completely off the table. Since it remains in production, expect the Mike Myers series to start streaming sometime in 2022.

The Pentaverate season 1 cast

The new comedy series will star Mike Myers… and Mike Myers six more times in seven total roles. Obviously, he’s no stranger to playing multiple characters in a single film. But he’ll also be accompanied by an incredible supporting cast full of familiar faces.

The Pentaverate added six more co-stars alongside Myers’ seven characters. Also starring in the series will be Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, Jennifer Saunders and Lydia West in as yet undisclosed roles.

The Pentaverate synopsis

If you’re a fan of Mike Myers’ past work in comedy, you’re probably familiar with his flair for the absurd when it comes to character work. It seems we’re getting more of his expertise with The Pentaverate.

The series explores a secret society of five men who have been working to influence multiple major world events for as long as the Black Plague of 1347. Taking on the call to uncover the truth, a Canadian journalist finds himself at the center of the mission to potentially save the world.

The Pentaverate trailer

Since the new series remains in production, Netflix hasn’t yet released a teaser, trailer or any first looks. But we will be sure share any new clips as they become available.

Are you excited for Mike Myers’ return on Netflix?

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