Netflix: The Umbrella Academy season 3 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

We still have a wait on our hands. The Umbrella Academy season 3 was not on the list of August releases on Netflix. When will we get it?

As we get into a new month, eyes are always on whether a new season of our favorite show is coming. Netflix is getting better at announcing shows in the coming months, but we’re still left wondering about a lot of our favorites.

We’ve checked the list of August releases twice and The Umbrella Academy season 3 definitely isn’t there. August is a good month of great content, but it is a shame that we won’t get the next part of the story involving the Hargreeves children.

Season 3 is a big one, too. After getting back from the past, the siblings learn that history has changed. Their father didn’t start the Umbrella Academy at all. He started the Sparrow Academy with a different group of siblings.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 release date

If we’re honest, we didn’t expect to see The Umbrella Academy season 3 on the list of August releases. We don’t really expect to see the season in 2021 at all.

There will be 10 episodes of the season, and they will all drop at once. That means they all need to be filmed and have fully been through post-production to make this possible. Post-production takes time with a show like this considering all the VFX, but it’s filming that is taking time right now.

Days have been shortened, and that means more days are needed to film just one episode of the season. It’s all due to the pandemic protocols in place.

Filming takes place in Toronto, Canada. The province of Ontario has been through a number of lockdown restrictions but only the first set affected filming. However, there are other protocols in place, limiting the number of people on set, which will have an effect on a show of this size.

We know the show is going to be worth the wait, and we’re looking at sometime in 2022.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on The Umbrella Academy season 3 on Netflix.

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