Netflix: Tom Ellis shares first look at Lucifer season 6 on Instagram

Ever since the second half of Lucifer season 5 premiered on Netflix in May 2021, fans have already been eager for any and all information they can get about Lucifer season 6. To say that the final season of the fan-favorite series is highly anticipated would be the understatement of the century.

How could fans not be excited for the next installment of Lucifer, when the fifth season provided us with so many memorable moments that we haven’t stopped talking (or thinking!) about. Naturally, we need our questions answered as soon as possible.

We’re counting every minute and second until we get official news about Lucifer season 6 from Netflix, including a release date for the 10-episode last hurrah. While we know that the final season won’t be coming to Netflix in August 2021, all bets aren’t off when it comes to hints, teases and the information we want.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis stoked the final season fire once again with a recent post on Instagram, which features a first-look shot of our guy on set and in character for Lucifer season 6. Of course, now we have lots of new questions for the next chapter added to the ever growing list.

Lucifer season 6 teaser photo

In the photo shared to his Instagram account, Tom Ellis stands in true Lucifer form, smizing up a storm in a suit adorned with a red statement pocket square. Ellis leans against a silver car, which many fans are identifying as the DeLorean, in what appears to be the middle of a city street.

Ellis cheekily captioned with photo with, “Good things are coming,” with “Lucifer season 6″ and “teaser” included in the hashtags. Obviously, Lucifer leaning against the DeLorean opens up plenty more questions that we may not have originally had for the final season.

Will Lucifer be time traveling in season 6? Does this have any connection to Chloe’s sci-fi star mom? Is the car merely a coincidence? We’ll have to wait and see until the season finally drops and our questions are answered in the final 10 episodes.

Those are merely a few surface-level questions after checking out Tom Ellis’ first-look photo, but plenty of Lucifans will surely scour every inch of the image and find something worth digging into ahead of the release of season 6.

Stay tuned for more Lucifer news and updates from Netflix Life!

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