Netflix: Trese is coming to Netflix: June 11, 2021

In Trese, Manila is home to more than humans. Supernatural beings from Filipino folklore walk the streets in this anime series.

Some hide in plain sight, living their lives alongside the humans without trouble. However, there are those of their kind who have slipped into the city’s seedy criminal underworld. Holding court and power in the midst of mayhem and violence, they’ve made a place for themselves with nightmarish results.

When these beings dare to flex their influence and slaughter as they please, making themselves known to the world, Alexandra Trese is called.

Referred to as the Babaylan-Mandirigma, Alexandra is both a healer and warrior who protects Manila from those that seek to do harm to its inhabitants. She steps in when murder investigations take a terrible supernatural, otherworldly turn. It’s not only her job, it’s her birthright.

What time can you watch Trese on Netflix?

Trese will take its bow on the platform Friday, June 11 at 12:01 a.m. PT.

According to What’s On Netflix, viewers will be treated to six episodes in this first season. They’re not sure of the episode runtime but have speculated the range will be between 25-30 minutes which would make this series a relatively short watch for those who’d like to view it in one sitting.

While there’s no word on whether Trese will have another installment that fans can anticipate, the anime’s source material–the manga series of the same name–will likely not be covered in its entirety in this six-episode run.

We’ll keep you posted on whether Trese will have a season 2 on Netflix, but for now we know horror fans will enjoy the blood, gore, and supernatural dealings of the show as Alexandra Trese gets to the bottom of a murder spree.

Watch the trailer below:

Will you be watching the series on Netflix?

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