Netflix: What is Awake about?

Gina Rodriguez is switching romance and comedy for post-apocalyptic horror with the Netflix movie Awake. What is Awake about, and is it for you?

We’re used to seeing Rodriguez in Jane the Virgin and Someone Good, but she did recently take on the lead in an action movie called Miss Bala. Now it’s time for her to take on a horror role. She stars as a former soldier who needs to choose between her children and her country.

Awake is set in a world where all technology has suddenly stopped working. An event that can’t be explained has also left people unable to sleep. However, they’re not immune to the side effects of not sleeping, which means insomnia will have some fatal effects. After all, the body needs its sleep.

Rodriguez’s Jill just wants to keep her children safe. When she realizes that her daughter can still sleep, she knows that everyone will want her for a cure. Now she needs to decide whether she will sacrifice her daughter for the sake of humanity or protect her daughter at all costs.

Is Awake worth watching?

Is this going to be a movie for you? If you love post-apocalyptic movies just to see what the new take is, then this is certainly going to be interesting for many. Those who liked Bird Box and The Platform will find some similarities in terms of style and story within the post-apocalyptic world.

If you also love movies where a parent has to choose between their children and protecting the world, this is one for the list to watch. Jill knows what could happen if she lets her daughter become a test subject for the fate of the human race. Is she willing to risk her child?

The trailer gives us a good idea of what to expect, although I have a feeling it gives some of the best parts of the movie away.

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Watch Awake on Netflix on Wednesday, June 9.

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