Netflix: What is the SBI in Outer Banks?

Though justice is rarely served in Outer Banks, fans of the Netflix original series still applaud those tasked with the difficult task of bringing down the villains that plague the island.

However, in most of the second season, we saw that Deputy Shoupe wasn’t the only one fighting to piece together the many heinous crimes committed in Outer Banks; he was joined by a special unit called the SBI.

The SBI seem more unified, determined, and arguably, more intelligent than the authority that we (and the Pogues) have become accustomed to, but who exactly are they, and what do they do?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Outer Banks season 2. 

Who are the SBI in Outer Banks?

According to HITC, the State Bureau of Investigation, also know as the SBI, is a force tasked with providing support and further intelligence for local law enforcement like police officers, or, in this case, deputies and sheriffs. They are usually called in when things are out of control in the state and the wanted criminals are still at large, hence, why towards the end of the Outer Banks season 1, they are seen helping the locals stop John B and Sarah Cameron from fleeing North Carolina.

We know you’re probably thinking that the SBI is just a play on words and is a fictional representation of the FBI—as it turns out, this force is actually very much based in reality.

Every state, including North Carolina, has its own uniquely named State Bureau of Investigation that assists them in the same way that Special Agent Bratcher assisted Deputy Shoupe. The Netflix original series may have its fair share of fictional events and treasures, but it’s good to know that they are more than accurate when it comes to law enforcement.

With this new knowledge, be sure to watch every episode of Outer Banks season 2 streaming only on Netflix.

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