Netflix: When is Cooking with Paris coming to Netflix?

Who’s ready to stir up a mess with heiress Paris Hilton? Cooking with Paris, the latest cooking series to hit Netflix is almost here! Get your burners ready because we’re in for some scorching fun.

Based on Hilton’s YouTube cooking show of the same name, this new series will span six episodes that include celebrity guests trying their hand at the recipes Hilton has on deck. No word yet on who those guests will be, but sources point to Hilton’s sister Nicky possibly making an appearance.

The pair made party favors together in the footage they filmed which means we could be in for an entire episode dedicated to food prepared for a get-together. On that list is jello shots and nachos, so it seems Hilton will be keeping things simple and comfortable in at least one episode.

When do the cooking adventures begin? Here’s what we know!

Cooking with Paris release date

Paris Hilton’s cooking show will make its debut on Netflix Wednesday, August 4. We’re in for an end of the summer treat with the series. Hilton isn’t a stranger to cooking. The YouTube show we mentioned became a viral sensation after all. However, the heiress isn’t a chef either.

She likes preparing meals and trying new things but, as anyone who’s spent some time before a stove and oven knows, even going in with a recipe can go horribly wrong. Fire alarms have been known to scream to life during cooking attempts.

Here’s hoping Cooking with Paris introduces us to some new eats, gives us a few laughs, and manages not to go up in flames. We’ll keep you posted on more news concerning Cooking with Paris as it rolls in.

Will you be tuning into Hilton’s latest buzzy venture?

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