Netflix: When was the last time Netflix saved a show?

There are a lot of Netflix shows which began their runs on other networks which is why whenever a series is canceled, one of the immediate reactions from fans of the fallen series is to rally behind the show in hopes of helping the series to receive a second shot at life.

During its early days, in particular, Netflix became known as a savior to series whose runs were cut short by the likes of broadcast or cable networks. As a result, the streaming service is often the first fans look to when a show is canceled as a possible hero to sweep in and save their beloved shows from cancellation.

Take for example the recent cancellation of NBC’s beloved musical comedy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Immediately after word broke that NBC had canceled the series and Peacock had passed on it, fans shifted their attention to Netflix and have been pleading to the Netflix brass to step in to save the series.

It’s understandable given Netflix’s track record in saving shows and turning them into successful Netflix shows, just look at the success Lucifer has enjoyed as a prime example. And while Netflix was known for saving the day many times over the years, fans might actually be surprised to learn how long it’s been since Netflix last saved a show.

When did Netflix last save a show? 

Although Netflix has saved a handful of shows over the years, the last time Netflix saved a show was back in late 2018 meaning it’s been nearly three years since the streamer last swooped in to revive a canceled show.

What was the last show Netflix saved?

The last time Netflix saved a show was in 2018 when the network stepped in to order a second season of the Penn Badgley-led Lifetime drama YOU, which was saved by Netflix in December 2018.

YOU made its way to Netflix after Lifetime opted not to move forward with its previously announced second season. Seeing the potential in the show, Netflix decided to step in to save it from cancellation in making it a Netflix Original after it had previously opted to pick up the streaming rights before Lifetime decided not to move forward with season 2.

That very same year, Netflix also saved ABC’s political drama Designated Survivorannouncing it had picked the show up for a third season in September 2018 months after ABC decided not to renew the show for another cycle.

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