Netflix: Who is Madison Bailey dating? The Outer Banks star’s relationship status

As news of the second season of Outer Banks is beginning to roll out, you may be super excited to see your favorite characters back on your screens once again.

The Netflix original series is known for its breakout actors and actresses who do a great job at bringing the action-packed show to life, and this particular actress is certainly no exception.

Madison Bailey, who plays the environmentally-conscious Kiara Carrera, has gone on to be adored by many fans of the series for the actresses’ genuineness, easy-going nature, and for her relentless passion in standing up for what she believes in. (Don’t you just want to be her best friend?!)

If you’re a hard-core Kiara stan, you’re probably researching everything to know about the Outer Banks star, including who she’s dating. We tell you Madison Bailey’s relationship status right here.

Who is Madison Bailey dating?

Sorry fans but you may have to set your sights elsewhere as Madison Bailey is happily taken by her basketball athlete-girlfriend, Mariah Linney, and doesn’t seem to be coming off of cloud nine any time soon.

Check out this adorable picture of the two from Madison’s Instagram down below. (Madison’s bio on Instagram is M&M, representing the pair initials. How cute is that!)

How did these two meet? According to Elle, Madison messaged Mariah on Tik Tok after seeing basketball videos of her future girlfriend on her For You page.

Shortly after, in June 2020, the pair announced with an adorable Tik Tok video that they were official. Since then, the two have been completely in love and inseparable, marking their one-year anniversary this month.

She’s off the market, but just because this Outer Banks star is taken doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy her play Kiara in the original series!

Watch Kiara in the first season of Outer Banks currently streaming only on Netflix so that you can be all caught up for her dramatic storyline in the highly-anticipated season 2.

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