Netflix: Who plays Ari in Elite season 4?

Something is in the air at Las Encinas in Elite season 4 and, judging by the trailer, it doesn’t look like it’s murder this time around. No, it’s love or at least enough lust to power a small city as these students find new and interesting ways to set their lives on fire.

Ari Blanco, a new transfer to the school along with her siblings Patrick (Manu Ríos) and Mencía (Martina Cariddi), is no stranger to doing and getting whatever she wants. Consequences are reserved for tomorrow’s problems, not the present where fun and romance reside.

It’s a mindset that could see Ari becoming the catalyst for more than one relationship’s demise as she seems to have caught the eye of both Guzmán and Samuel. With two boys vying for her attention, Ari’s going to have her hands full, which is quite the achievement for a girl who just arrived on the block.

Who’s playing Las Encinas’ newest heartbreaker? Here’s what we know.

The actress who plays Ari in Elite season 4

Carla Díaz plays Ari in all her pixie-cut glory. The 22-year-old actress has been acting since she was a child and, most recently, played Elsa in the television series Madres: Amor y Vida. Despite a career spent on the small and big screen for half her life, not much is known about Díaz.

This high-profile role, however, is sure to change that as Elite has taken the world by storm. Ari is a character that will have some fans loving her and others loving to hate her, but either way, she’s likely to be the talk of the season along with her siblings.

We’re not sure how long the Blanco kids are here to stay, but we do know they’re ready to play.

Elite season 4 debuts Friday, June 18 on Netflix.

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