Netflix: Who plays Mencía in Elite season 4?

We’re a day away from Elite season 4’s premiere on Netflix Friday, June 18! Very soon you’ll be introduced to the trio of new students set to wreak havoc on the hearts of Las Encinas’ student body. It’s bound to be yet another twisting ride as the Blancos — Patrick, Ari, and Mencía — are accustomed to getting what they want.

These three siblings know what they like and they don’t hesitate to go after it. But while Patrick and Ari are about to be swept away into their own three-way romantic entanglements, Mencía has her eyes on one person.

The trailer for season 4 gives more than a little glimpse at her budding relationship with Rebeka de Bormujo. While Rebeka is a bit tentative at the start, Mencía’s intentions are clear. She wants her, and so she pursues her.

You’ll have to watch to see if their romance is as turbulent as what’s set to go down between the potential triad Omar and Ander may fall into with Patrick, and the love triangle between Guzman, Ari and Samuel. However, it looks like these teens still haven’t figured out love, lust and desire without making a mess of things.

Here’s who’s stepping into the shoes of Mencía Blanco.

The actress who plays Mencía in Elite season 4

Martina Cariddi plays Mencía. The actress is relatively new to the screen. Her role in Elite is both her first as a main cast member, and her first high profile casting. Cariddi has been active in the industry since 2017, though not much is known about her. With the attention playing Mencía is sure to bring her, that’s likely to change once season 4 premieres.

Cariddi posted pictures of her cast members Claudia Salas and Manu Ríos to her Instagram in May. Check out the post of Ríos who she describes as the brother of her heart!


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