Netflix: Who plays Patrick in Elite season 4?

The Elite season 4 premiere is nearly upon us! While we know many fans are busy slaking their thirst for the next installment of this twisting series with Elite: Short Stories, we can’t help but dish a little about the new rising class of characters on the show.

News of Álvaro Rico, Danna Paola, Ester Expósito, Jorge López and Mina El Hammani’s exits were a blow for fans who’d fallen in love and hate with their characters. But their departure has ushered in a new era for the series as fresh faces land on Las Encinas’ campus.

Among them is Patrick Blanco, the son of the school’s director. Like his siblings, Ari (Carla Díaz) and Mencía (Martina Cariddi), he’s used to getting what he wants.

With his handsome face and willingness to indulge his passions without inhibition, Patrick is certain to cause quite the stir among Elite‘s core crew and the rest of the student body.

But which actor is about to set hearts aflutter in this role? Here’s what we know.

The actor who plays Patrick on Elite season 4

Manu Ríos plays Patrick. The role is his first on a TV series since he starred as Mauri in Pepe’s Beach Bar in 2014.

According to Cheat Sheet,  Ríos has primarily been building his social media presence in the years since that role. His Youtube channel has 1.53 million subscribers despite not having been updated in a year, and it’s likely to grow once Elite fans who love his character find it.

The star is known for his covers on the platform, which has us wondering if season 4 might feature a little moment where Ríos sings. Perhaps for Omar or Ander or both since the trailer more than hints at his storyline partly being centered on the couple’s attraction to him and his to them.

Ríos is also a model for Next Model Management, which means he knows his angles and how to turn on the charisma, exuding confidence and style. Watch out Las Encinas and the Elite fanbase, we don’t think y’all are ready for the hearts Ríos is set to break as Patrick Blanco!

Elite season 4 debuts Friday, June 18 on Netflix.

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