Netflix: Will Hulu save Jupiter’s Legacy?

News of Jupiter’s Legacy being shelved at Netflix hit the internet like a storm with fans and prospective viewers scratching their heads over the platform’s decision.

The renewal/cancellation model at Netflix has been consistent, a show either moves forward or it doesn’t. But, in an unusual turn of events, Jupiter’s Legacy as a series has been canceled despite there being plans to expand the universe it’s set in.

Supercrooks, a spin-off series focused on a group of supervillains teaming up for a heist, will fill the hole Jupiter’s Legacy will leave behind in Netflix’s Millarworld. The show, based on the comic series of the same name, is set to be adapted into an animation and a live-action offering for the streamer.

This pivot, while strange, could provide some much-needed information that its predecessor Jupiter’s Legacy left in question. For instance, as much as the Union of Justice talked about supervillains, at length I might add, they were noticeably absent for the majority of the series. This new show could give some history on how they came to rise within that universe.

Will Jupiter’s Legacy be saved?

The news concerning Supercrooks, however, doesn’t really assuage the disappointment of fans who were looking forward to a season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy.

The first season ended on a murder-fueled cliffhanger with a planned takeover of the Union by someone Sheldon would never suspect. Without a second season, viewers have been left on read in regards to where the live-action adaptation of this universe would be taking that particular story.

Josh Duhamel expressed his feelings on the show’s shelving by posting a picture of himself on Instagram as The Utopian, describing himself as being dumped by Netflix, putting himself back out there, and asking Hulu, “What’s up?”


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The nod to a rival streamer has drummed up buzz but could Hulu actually save Jupiter’s Legacy? To put it simply, no.

Putting aside the fact that the only Netflix original series in recent memory that’s been picked up by another platform was One Day at a Time and that show went to a network that’s in no way a rival for the streamer, Netflix owns the rights to the entirety of Millarworld.

The platform purchased Mark Millar’s comic book publishing company in 2017. The only way Jupiter’s Legacy will be saved is if Netflix decides to take the series back off the shelf.

Millar has stated, “We’re confident we’ll return to it later,” but Deadline reports the cast has been released from their contracts. If the show does make a return down the road, it will likely not include the original cast.

We’ll keep you posted on more Jupiter’s Legacy news but for the time being, it looks like Netflix and Millar will be focusing on Supercrooks. The animated version of the story will drop later this year.

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