Netflix: Will Lilly be in Virgin River season 4?

Virgin River is still one of the most popular Netflix shows in the summer of 2021. Virgin River season 3 premiered on Netflix on July 9, and it’s been the No. 1 show on Netflix, pretty much, since then.

One of the big storylines from Virgin River season 3 was about Lilly, played by Lynda Boyd. Spoilers ahead for Virgin River season 3!

We’ve already seen Lilly deal with a lot in Virgin River, including giving her baby up, postpartum depression, and more. Things don’t get easier for Lilly in season 3.

During the season, Lilly was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Does Lilly die in Virgin River season 3?

Sadly, yes, Lilly does die from cancer in Virgin River season 3. She goes upstairs to take a nap before dinner, but she doesn’t wake up.

It’s one of the saddest moments in the Netflix original series. The funeral isn’t much easier to watch. It’s clear all of the characters are very affected by Lilly’s passing, and it remains to be seen how they will all move forward in season 4.

Will Lynda Boyd be in Virgin River season 4?

The good news is that it’s been reported that Virgin River season 4 is already in the works at Netflix.

What’s on Netflix reported that production is scheduled to begin on season 4 in July 2021. That’s really good news!

Fans are also wondering if Lynda Boyd will be back in Virgin River season 4. It doesn’t appear that Netflix or any sites have officially confirmed Boyd will no longer be a part of Virgin River, which obviously opens up a possible option to return in some capacity.

But, it doesn’t look like Boyd is expecting to return. Boyd shared what appears to be a parting note on Twitter recently.

Although it looks like Boyd will not be in Virgin River season 4, there’s still a small chance we could see Boyd return. We’ve seen the twin trope used already in Virgin River with Paige’s ex-husband and brother-in-law. Is it possible that Boyd could return and play Lilly’s twin or sibling? I hope so!

Boyd is so good in this series. I hope this isn’t the end!

We’ll let you know more about Virgin River season 4 and the release date when we find out!

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