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Netflix: Wish Dragon is coming to Netflix: June 11, 2021


Who doesn’t love a little wish fulfillment now and again especially when it can lead to adventures that open your world to new possibilities? That’s what happens to Din in Wish Dragon after he inadvertently releases Long from his captivity in a teapot.

The dragon, stuck in such a small space for longer than anyone should have to be, bestows three wishes unto Din. He may ask whatever he wants, and he shall receive it. Obviously, for anyone, it would be a dream come true, but for Din, it’s an opportunity to finally be reunited with his childhood best friend, Lina.

But, there’s still the problem of what to wish for. Meeting again is one thing, but Din wants to be in Lina’s life. How does a working-class college student stay in the rich, expensive world of a woman whose face is plastered on billboards? Transforming into the part isn’t the same as truly being able to be a part of her world.

This comedy begs the question of what matters most in the world to ourselves and the people we so desperately want to be in our lives. It’s also a romp of a film that’ll take viewers through the busy streets of Shanghai and on more than one adventure with Din, Long, and Lina.

What time can you watch Wish Dragon on Netflix?

Wish Dragon releases on Netflix Friday, June 11 at 12:01 a.m. PT for any night owls, and their little chickadees, on the west coast staying up until the wee hours.

East coasters, you’d have to pull an all-nighter with the 3:01 a.m. ET drop time. But no matter when you watch this fantasy adventure, the movie is sure to be a blast from the beauty of its animation to its heart-warming and funny plot.

Watch the trailer for Wish Dragon below:

Will you be watching Wish Dragon? 

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