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Netherlands: anti-Covid protests ‘pure violence’

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte denounced the unrest he has sparked on Monday Protests against Covid restrictions He continued for 3 nights, describing it as “pure violence” by “idiots”, as he put it, while he pledged to prosecute those responsible.

Rutte told ai media Dutch that the riots that took place in several cities in the country since Friday have been “pure violence disguised as protest,” according to the AFP.

He also added that he would always defend the right to protest, but “I will never accept fools using pure violence,” as he said.

arrest 145

These declarations come as an unrest that has erupted In the Netherlands Sunday, for the third consecutive night. The number of arrests in the 3-day protest reached 145, according to the police and the media locals.

To this, Ruti added: “They are purely violent explosions against the police, firefighters and people in ambulance, and they have nothing to do with the demonstration, “according to RTL News. He stressed that” the police and the judiciary will do whatever is in their power to hold those involved accountable. “

From a street in The Hague on 20 November (AFP)
From a street in The Hague on 20 November (AFP)

“Under the pretext that they are angry”

He continued: “I realize that there is great tension in society because we have been facing the misery caused by the Corona virus for a long time and, as Prime Minister, I have always fought for the right to demonstrate. in this country within the framework of our democracy and the rule of law “.

However, he clarified, “What I will never accept is that idiots use violence under the pretext of being upset.”

From a street in The Hague on 20 November (AFP)
From a street in The Hague on 20 November (AFP)

Riots and clashes

Interestingly, the Netherlands announced last week that it was imposing a partial closure to address the epidemic of Covid-19 cases and imposed a series of health restrictions affecting mainly the restaurant sector, which was to close by. eight in the evening.

The riots began on Friday as a demonstration against Covid restrictions in the coastal city of Rotterdam transformed in a large-scale riot during which police shot, leaving 4 people injured.

Five policemen were injured in The Hague on Saturday evening in clashes with demonstrators who threw fireworks and stones and burned bicycles.

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