Home Entertainment Netizens question Rajamouli about deleted scene in ‘RRR’

Netizens question Rajamouli about deleted scene in ‘RRR’

Hyderabad, June 22 (IANS) ‘RRR’ fans who have watched a deleted scene from the movie, through an online source, want to know why director S.S. Rajamouli decided to chop off the fascinating scene from the original cut of the Ram Charan and Jr NTR-starrer.

Viswanath Sundaram, the concept artist for the magnum opus ‘RRR’ movie, earlier disclosed the deleted scene that is connected to the concept art. The video byte was later deleted by Sundaram for whatever reasons.

The scene in the film depicts the birth of Ram Charan, and the artwork portrays the infant Ram receiving blessings from the Pandits in front of a fire.

Internet users who saw the fascinating scene questioned Rajamouli about why he deleted it and urged him to upload it on the movie’s socials or YouTube because, according to them, it is a scene that is not to be missed.

‘RRR’, which took the whole country by storm, is still one of the most-watched movies even after its OTT arrival.


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