Never Forget a Birthday Again: An iPhone Feature to Help You Out

Who among us hasn’t forgotten the birthday of a friend or family member, because we all live busy lives and often all we can do is keep up with our schedule of meetings, appointments and work.

And even if you remember your father-in-law’s birthday while you’re in the middle of something else, you’ll probably forget it again before you get a chance to text or call him.

However, your iPhone can help you in This in how can he message him on your behalf, ensuring you never miss another birthday.

However, “Apple” doesn’t have a feature that ensures that messages are sent automatically, birthday related or otherwise, but instead we will turn to the powerful “automations” for applying shortcuts, although they are not exploited enough to make this application successful .

Simple steps

The “automation” relies on the details you provide in the Contacts app, so you’ll open that app and add birthdays to any contacts you know you want to send an annual birthday message to.

Next, open Shortcuts, then add the Birthday Today shortcut to the app.

You can manually link every day (if you think you remember) and it will automatically send a happy birthday message to the people involved.

Personalize a message

To customize the birthday message, tap the three dots in the corner in top right of the link thumbnail.

Find the word “send” and edit the message inside. Click Done when you’re ready.

And if you think you won’t remember to turn it on every day, you can also automate the process with the following steps.

Open Shortcuts app, tap Automation in bottom, tap the + symbol in the corner in top right and select Create personal automation.

Determine the day and time

Then select the time and day in where you want to send the messages. And if you want to be among the first to text everyone, you can schedule it until midnight.

If you’d rather keep things more casual, set the time for mid-morning or so.

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