New auto intelligent Autonomous driving in “X-ray” style!

It has developed new technology for intelligent self-driving vehicles, which gives them the ability to see with “X-rays” to help them track pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

Australian researchers have developed the new technology, called “collaborative or collective visualization” and called CP, which involves the installation of units for the exchange of information at the side of the road, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

These units are “Intelligent Transport System Stations” equipped with sensors such as cameras and lidar (light range determination).

In addition, the technology works at the intersection of busy roads, for example, where vehicles can use these units to exploit what appears in the field of view of other vehicles.

X-ray method

The innovative technology gives each vehicle an X-ray view in which can see pedestrians behind buses, or can spot a truck in rapid movement around a corner whose traffic light is about to change to a red light.

Additionally, self-driving vehicles are powered by artificial intelligence, which is trained to detect pedestrians to determine when to stop and avoid collision.

But the use of autonomous vehicles will only be widely adopted after they can be trusted to drive in safer way than human drivers.

Changing the rules of the game

In addition, the project was implemented and developed for three years by the iMOVE Research Center, funded by the Australian government and supported by the company software Wireless Transport Company and the University of Sydney.

The professor Eduardo Nebot of the Australian Center for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney said the new technology is a game changer that has led to a “game changer for both human-powered and autonomous vehicles,” which it hopes will greatly improve. in terms of the efficiency and safety of road transport.

Real life environment

In parallel, the CP system will enable a vehicle in movement in a real environment of detecting that a pedestrian is about to exit in front of traffic, probably because he is busy looking at the phone, then the autonomous vehicle applies the brakes in time to stop the collision.

In this sense, X-ray vision is a concept that will also help in the development and improvement of auto, driven by humans and self-driving vehicles.

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