New Basra Operations Commander Declares No Armed Parties Allowed for Military Parades: Law Comes First

The Basra Operations Commander: No Armed Parties Allowed to Conduct Military Parades Outside the Law

The new Basra operations commander, Saad Mohsen Oreibi, announced yesterday that no armed party will be allowed to carry out military parades outside the framework of the law. Al-Sumaria channel quoted Oreibi as saying the law is above everything, and that the Basra operations aim to maintain security and stability in the Iraqi province, and this is done through cooperation with the leaders and security agencies present in it.

Plan to Secure Eid al-Adha and Ashura Ceremonies

Oreibi explained that they will work on a plan to secure the atmosphere of the Eid al-Adha and Ashura ceremonies, and this comes after armed groups marched with light and medium weapons a few days ago in some areas of the governorate.

New Commander Appointed for Basra Operations

Earlier in the day, Major General Saad Mohsen Oreibi was appointed commander of Basra operations, in replacement for Major General Ali Abdul Hussein al-Majidi, according to a security source.

Earlier, security sources said there was a large security deployment in the area of Tamimiya in Basra Central Governorate to prevent any military parade of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, as Tamimiya is one of the areas in which the Brigades of pace they are deployed.

Prohibition on Military Parade in the Region

The site “Voice of Iraq” states that forces are deployed in the area after the provincial security services received urgent appeals stressing the prevention of any military parade in the region. The Brigades of the pace they had a parade in the area of Karma Ali, north of central Basra.

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