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New confessions of the woman attacker in Istanbul

Day after day, new details are revealed about the bombing on Istanbul’s bustling Istiklal Street – a popular boulevard lined with shops and restaurants – which killed six people, including two children.

The Syrian bomber, Ahlam Al-Bashir, has made shocking new confessions. He explained to the detectives how Haji looked at her and ordered her to activate the bomb!

Al-Bashir, the suspected perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Istanbul, said that at the time of the explosion she was not alone in Istiklal Street, and that he was under surveillance and receiving orders from the scene.

The explosion occurred on Sunday afternoon on via Istiklal pedestrian walkway in the central Beyoglu district of Istanbul. Six people were killed, while 81 others were injured and the country’s authorities considered the incident a terrorist attack.

Al-Bashir, who had left the post in taxi after the explosion, he was arrested and confessed to having ties to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The NTV channel stated in a report in this regard: “Ahlam al-Bashir, the terrorist who carried out the attack organized by the PKK and YPG terrorist organization in Beyoglu, reported important information to Istanbul. The female terrorist said that she was not alone during the attack. Someone was watching behind her, and she received orders to explode from the scene.”

Al-Bashir also said in her interrogation testimony that while she was sitting on a bench, a terrorist named in code Haji looked at the crowd and ordered them to activate the bomb.

The state-run Anadolu News Agency reported that Turkish security forces had arrested a wanted suspect in relation to the deadly bombing of Istanbul during an operation inside aarea controlled by Turkey in northwestern Syria.

Other suspects arrested after the bombing will appear before court officials on Thursday to face possible charges or be released.

Turkish police arrested the suspect, known by his nom de guerre “Hussam”, late Wednesday evening in the Syrian city of Azaz, which is currently under the control of the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition, Anadolu News Agency reported. . He was taken to Istanbul for interrogation.

The number of prisoners in relation to the terrorist attack in Istanbul has exceeded 50.

Anadolu agency said Hussam was accused of aiding and abetting a Syrian woman accused of leaving a TNT bomb on Istiklal Street. Police said the woman, identified as Ahlam al-Bashir, illegally crossed the border into Turkey from Syria and confessed to carrying out the attack.


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