New Destiny 2 cutscene features Osiris vs. Rasputin

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn just has 3 weeks left, and players understand extremely little about the game’s next season. After Destiny 2’s typical weekly reset on Tuesday, the game began revealing players a brief cutscene including Osiris and the Warmind, Rasputin. The cutscene does not use much in the method of story, however appears to recommend these 2 characters will go head to head in Destiny 2’s next season.

The cutscene begins with the disgraced Lead leader, Osiris, strolling into the chamber ofRasputin Rasputin is a Warmind, a super effective computer on Mars that people built throughout the Destiny universe’s Golden era. Some individuals think Rasputin was accountable for the collapse of that Golden era, and based upon the cutscene, Osiris is among them.

Osiris raises his weapon and describes Rasputin as “old man.” He strolls down the passage, weapon pointed at Rasputin’s control board. Osiris implicates the AI of being a criminal, betrayer, and killer. At the end, Osiris states that the galaxy is being divided into dark and light, and madly asks Rasputin which side it will defend.

Osiris and Rasputin were the focuses of Destiny 2’s first 2 growths– Curse of Osiris and Warmind, respectively. In season 10, most likely called Season of the Worthwhile, it appears the 2 characters will lastly share the screen.

As far as what players will in fact carry out in Destiny 2’s 10 th season, we still aren’t sure. It appears extremely most likely the Trials of Osiris mode will return. Bungie will likely expose more information about Season of the Worthwhile in the next couple of weeks, prior to it strikes live servers on March10


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