New Details Are Emerging About The Step Kidnapping Of Karol Sanchez – She Wished To Stay In New York To Be With A 23 Year Old Boyfriend Who Is An Alleged Member Of Crips

#Roommates, this week was a series of emotions for all those who were incredibly worried and praying for the Bronx, 16, New York resident Karol Sanchez, who was originally suspected of being kidnapped on the street while ‘he was walking with his mother. Unfortunately, she later admitted to organizing the whole incident because she did not want to return to Honduras with her family – but now even more shocking details have emerged.

After intense research and overwhelming support from social media, many were shocked and angry to discover that Karol Sanchez had staged his entire abduction. As New York police continue to investigate the situation, several new details have emerged. @NYPost reports that Karol’s decision to fake his abduction was not only because she didn’t want to move, but also because she wanted to be with her 23-year-old boyfriend, an alleged member of the Crips gang.

Her boyfriend, whose identity has not been revealed to the public, was previously arrested for murder and attempted prosecution and has a long criminal record. He was also one of four men in the vehicle when Karol was taken away while his terrified mother watched in horror.

Authorities say Karol is not currently facing charges for his role in the false abduction, but that may change as more developments unfold in the case. In addition, there are currently no updates regarding the other three men who were also involved in the incident.

Contrary to previous reports, the Sanchez family is not a resident of the Bronx, it actually resides in Poughquag and was visiting relatives at the time of the incident.

Roommates, what do you think?

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