New details in the case of the murder of Naira Ashraf .. the killer has a partner

The sites of social networkFacebook and Twitter, have witnessed a state of controversy and serious discussion among the pioneers, after the appearance of a stranger wearing a yellow shirt with the defendant, Mohamed Adel, a student of the Faculty of Letters of Mansoura University, before committing the murder of Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader outside Toshka’s gates at Mansoura University, which angered the pioneers of the sites of social Regarding the presence of an unknown person in the accident commission, some have indicated that one of the killer’s colleagues may be relatives of the victim’s girl. Some of the pioneers of the sites of social networking reported that this person appeared in the Naira Ashraf mourning pavilion, which was held in Mansoura after the murderer’s death sentence, which raises doubts and ambiguities about this person’s identity.

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Surveillance cameras from several shops monitored the movement of a young man in yellow uniform as he moved along the highway, accompanied by the killer, who was supported by the Mansoura Criminal Court headed by Councilor Bahaa Al-Marri, with a death sentence by hanging himself for committing the murder of the girl, Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader , victim of the painful Mansoura accident. On the other hand, in response to these images, Mahmoud Al-Terras, the victim’s cousin, said that these images and clips were circulated on the sites of social network There is nothing true in the existence of similarities between him and those images, noting, “These clips do not touch me either up close or far, and God is the best agent.” And the terrace continued: on the day of the accident, he was accompanied by his family to the city of Mahalla, and they received the news of his death, bright as lightning, and distraught, their hearts all turned. The young man indicated that the victim girl was always good-natured and wanted to rely on herself in the context of her and her work studio completely, and that he did not intend to be associated with her from near or far, as the pioneers of social networking sites circulated on Facebook, emphasizing saying, “May God have mercy on him, Lord of the worlds, and give patience to the whole family. for their separation “.